Uva Province


Joint Site inspection and progress review of Wellawaya Atiliwewa Parakum mawatha Agri road improvement work by Provincial Director of Roads Uva with DPD/UP on 07.01.2019

Participation: Provincial Director Roads Uva , Chief Engineer, Area Engineer and his technical staff . Contractor, DPD/UP and project Engineer
Contract Value: RS 7,644,623.85

Field Practical Training Programme conducted by ASM Project in Medagama on 15th May 2018

“Passion Fruit Park at Buttala” Ready for bearing in March

Pineapple Park in Bibile after 3 months

75 farmers are involving this & profit starting from 2nd year is about Rs.443,500.00 , 3rd Year Rs.1,465,400.00,4th Year Rs 1,465,400.00, 5th Year Rs. 943,400.00.