Vision & Mission



“A vibrant, dynamic, and productive agriculture sector through modernization for food security and national prosperity ”


“To achieve globally competitive production, processing and marketing enterprises through socially acceptable, innovative, market oriented and state of the art agriculture, through sustainable management of natural resources in the project areas”


High Level Objectives:

  • Improving agricultural productivity and competitiveness to strengthen the links between rural and urban areas and facilitate Sri Lanka’s structural changes,
  • Providing and strengthening rural livelihood sources, employment opportunities in agriculture and along value chains and market access for the poor,
  • Contributing to improve flood and drought management through project’s linkages to water & irrigation sectors and a climate-smart agriculture approach,
  • Promoting diversification and value addition and increased competitiveness in the agriculture sector

Project Development Objectives:

  • Increasing agriculture productivity,
  • Improving market access and
  • Enhancing value addition of small holder farmers and agribusinesses in the project areas