Agriculture Sector Modernization Project

1. Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM)

Though all signs are positive in terms of social soundness of the project, the Project affected
peoples (PAP) may raise quarries during construction period with unexpected impacts. The
project has established a Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM), which is transparent,
objective and unbiased to address any issues or grievances related to both environmental and
social safeguards. The GRM will operate at three different levels.

  1. The lowest level of the GRM is at the site (sub-project) level where the sub-project
    executing Farmer Producer Organizations / Contractor will keep a feedback register
    and receive complaints, comments or suggestions from the public, civil society
    representatives, farmers and local level stakeholders. The project team will bi-weekly
    review the registry and take appropriate actions. If there are any unsolved grievances
    or the decisions for grievances is not accepted by the relevant party, it will be forwarded
    to middle level of GRM.
  2. The middle level will operate at provincial PMU/ regional project office level. This
    second tier of GRM will seek to resolve an issue quickly and transparently to minimize
    the losses or inconveniences for the affected parties while facilitating activities to move
    forward. GRM will respond to grievances brought to their notice by the general public
    and social audit committees, farmer producer organizations and other stakeholders.
    Affected parties can submit their grievances in writing or verbally. All received
    grievances will be entered in a dedicated database and updated regularly at the PMU
    level. A database will include information on the date of receipt of grievance, type of
    grievance and resolution and the date of resolution. The GRM will be monitored
    regularly, as it provides feedback on the functioning of the project. The PMUs will
    submit regular progress reports on the number of grievances received and resolved by
    different participating institutions as part of the overall safeguards monitoring of the
  3. If the grievances are not solved at second tier of GRM (Provincial PMU level) or not
    satisfied by the relevant party with solution given at second level, such grievances will
    be forwarded to 3rd tier of GRM in which the project Director of ASMP will involve to
    resolve the issue with technical support from Social Development Specialist at PMU.


  • PAP- Project Affected People
  • PMU- Project Management Unit